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Thanks John. Very helpful. I guess I wasn't clear that I meant the included angle being 90. Unfortunately I haven't been turning enough to own any cheaper old tools. Most of my tools I use regularly. You, Reed, and others verified for me that what I thought was true is; namely that the included angle isn't crucial except for the extremes. I am new to NRS so all the info is helpful. Sometimes I'm not sure that what is on the internet is correct.
Actually the Turning sections of the AAW and this SMC Forum seem to be the exception that rule. I have gotten great answers to my questions. Admittedly I could arrive at answers via trial and error, but it's always nice to have some idea of a good starting point. There is so much knowledge here that I'm always awed by it. Even though much of turning is getting comfortable with your tools and adjusting your use of them, there are definitely incorrect things to do (I've done some) and that's why I always am glad I have a place to ask questions and get good, solid answers. Thanks.