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Thread: So, now I'm a spammer-?

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    So, now I'm a spammer-?

    Been having my email to customers trapped by their servers' anti spam filters. Getting worse lately--

    So what to do? Been spending way too much time online trying to figure this out, so far I've found:

    some of my email server's IP addresses- first 2 numbers are static, last 2 numbers are dynamic-- have been flagged by But running those IP addresses thru Spamhaus/Cisco/Talos shows no problem with them--

    However, Spamhaus/Cisco/Talus shows my ISP IP address as "poor reputation" and goes on to explain the high-rates of spam mail associated with my IP! Yet Spamcop says nothing wrong with it...

    According to Spamhaus my ISP IP is on the PBL list, but not just mine, it's a whole block of addresses. I've had the same domain host (Ipage) and email addresses for YEARS...

    Just wondering if anyone else has had to deal with this nonsense? I'm going to be giving Comcast a call shortly, and see what they have to say. Will they simply provide me with a new static IP, or?

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    I assume your email address is Comcast from what you said. You may not want to do this but using gmail or another similar email service should prevent this from happening. I stopped using my cable/phone line provider email services a long time ago. I use gmail and never have any issues. Just a suggestion for the future. . .

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    No, I don't have a Comcast email address, I have my own email addresses based on my web domain, and a gmail address mostly for 'just in case'...

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    When you say "my email server's IP addresses" - I assume that it's actually an Ipage email service mapped to your domain name, or are you using something else?

    I don't know anything about Ipage in particular, but I've seen cases where a hosting service hosts enough companies doing some kind of bulk email, that the whole service gets downgraded enough that combined with other factors, it starts triggering some receiving services SPAM rules.

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    Unless you are running your server locally...consider changing to a different hosting provider that doesn't have the flagged addresses.

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    I have the same issue with my local provider. They just don’t do the required diligence to prevent spam and they got hacked. After that hack, they got flagged as a spam source. If I sent an email to a person with gmail, yahoo, or similar large provider, it went to their spam box. I finally gave up and am migrating to a gmail account.

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    I wonder about those people and groups that are against vaccinations. Do they use antivirus software for their computers?
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    I know that some ISP's like earthlink allow users to ban email from specific addresses and domains. I know that if enough people report a particular domain that earthlink will delete all emails from that domain as spam. I have a friend who can't send me emails from their regular provider because their domain is blocked by earthlink due to past performance by some users of that domain and lack of policing by the domain to stop spammers.
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    As others have pointed out, i may not be you, but rather others you share your ISP with. For a variety of reasons (including this one) I switched to running my personal domain and email ( through Gsuite from Google. It still looks to the world like my own site, but the whole back end for email is now Google and gmail. It's a little more expensive than my previous supplier, but many fewer problems.

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    -- in umpteen years I've never had a problem with my email, until now. And don't get me started on google.... but too late... so the wife got me a smart phone for xmas, LG Rebel tracfone/android, and ever since my kid activated it google has taken over everything- I can't do anything online without google bombarding my computer and phone with crap... ads, product suggestions, requests to turn on google assistant, do I want this, how about that, everything from grocery store to bail bond 'install our app!!' ads, listing my entire surf and search history on my phone for anyone who taps the screen to see -- geezus! Takes me 10 minutes just to get rid of all the crap just to make a phone call. I've used google as my only search engine for years, until I got this phone. DuckDuckGo sucks as a search engine but none of what info I gather with it ends up on my computer or phone! The only reason I keep my gmail is because it's about the only benign thing google does...

    So, I won't be using google to help me with this

    In the meantime I've thought about just using the TOR browser and my mail server's online mailing program to send out mail, that'll mask my ISP IP, but won't change my mail server IP. My luck I'll just get another spammer's IP address

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