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Thread: Convertible Gaming Dining table

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    Convertible Gaming Dining table

    A recent commission of mine. This was fun to make, even with some large setbacks in the finishing process. (Namely, new employee at the finish store didn't know that Precat Lacquer needed something added before it went out the door)

    48" x 84", 30" tall.

    Cherry removable top, ash base and playing area.
    Felt in playing area, glass covered tv/monitor mounting in playing area.

    I wasn't happy with any of my pictures of it, but will see if I can get a few more in better light from the helper. (pretty sure he was taking pictures throughout the build)
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    Matt, very nice table, the detail on legs is impressive. How did you inlay the "C" into the top?

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    Great solid table. Lost me with the glass, felt and TV thing, can’t see any of it, can’t claim to gamble.
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    Matt, that’s a beautiful table. How did you put the “C” in the middle?
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    Wow - nice table. Esp the legs.
    Glass, felt, tv??
    What's the detail on the bottom stretcher?

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