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Thread: Marking Santoprene with a Fiber Laser?

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    Marking Santoprene with a Fiber Laser?

    I am interested in knowing if anyone has marked on santoprene with a fiber laser and what the results are.
    I have heard that it can be done, and that it leaves a white mark (maybe on a black part).
    I am curious to know how well the "white" mark will hold up to handling and outdoor exposure.
    Thanks for any replies.

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    Santoprene TPV is a dynamically vulcanized alloy consisting mostly of fully cured EPDM rubber particles encapsulated in a polypropylene (PP) matrix
    EPDM rubber is very similar in appearance and feel to basic tire innertubes, and polyprop is what plastic storage containers are made of-- someone figured out how to marry the two and call it Santoprene... never heard of it, seems a bit soft-ish for fiber lasering but who knows, I find out something new every day about these things!

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    You SHOULD be able to color change the colorant. Prior company used to buy and injection mold and the pellets were an off white and we added brown colorant.
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