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Thread: Fueling A Genrator While It's Running

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    Fueling A Genrator While It's Running

    Title sounds like an invitation to disaster, but let me explain. First some back ground. I bought a 3250 watt generator several years back. Briggs 6.5 engine with cracked block and a gas tank full of water. Replaced block, including improved connecting rod. Cleaned gas tank. Worked fine for several years, then finally the gas tank rusted thru in SEVERAL places. Replacement tank not available. A Septor 6 gallon under the seat boat fuel tank would fit within frame with some added brackets. Made up brackets from bed rails, and fastened to generator frame. Gas tank sets down within frame. Because a boat gas tank takes fuel from top, I added a pulse fuel pump (Ebay) to motor to lift fuel out of tank. I left the fuel line extra long. This way, I could remove tank from generator and place on ground a few feet from generator, allowing me to fuel generator while it's running. Then I added a quick connect between fuel tank and generator. This would allow me to siphon out unused fuel, and drain it back into fuel cans. Then I got to thinking "If generator can pump fuel from tank on ground, why couldn't it pump it directly from gas cans?" Took an extra gas can top, hole sawed out a piece of steel to fit inside cap. I had to make a mandrel from a 1/4" bolt and two nuts to hold disk. Chucked bolt into drill, and using angle grinder ground disk to correct size to fit into gas can cap. Soldiered a short length of 1/4" copper tubing thru pilot hole in disk. Fastened a piece of fuel line long enough to reach bottom of fuel cans to one side, and then another piece to other side. Place disk in fuel can cap, and screw onto fuel can. The second piece of fuel line has a quick connect that matches one on generator. this allows for direct connection of fuel can to generator. To prime fuel line from either gas can or fuel tank, I simply pressurize it, by blowing into tank thru fill opening, or vent on gas can. My generator is the only small engine that I run ethanol gas is, because I can drain it dry after use. By having removable gas tank, I can also take it and fill it in addition to gas cans. FYI, quick connect came from Bay Area Power Sports. About eleven bucks delivered to the door.
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    I had a friend who put a siphon on a 5 gallon tank to fill the small tank on his generator. I think he was insane. Got away with it for a week, but it could have been a serious problem.

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