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Thread: Felder or MiniMax Purchase Advice Needed

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    I have an FS41ES, quite happy with it. The machine is hefty and has stayed in adjustment for 1.5yrs now. I tweak the outfeed roller pressure occasionally, clean and lubricate. I use carbide tersa knives and the finish is clean.
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    Hi ,I own a Felder k700 sliding saw and a Felder edgebander. I also own a Minimax T-50 shaper. They are all real nice machines,each have their strong points. I would decide by which you like best. As far as buying used ,you will be hard pressed to find this level of machine sold for half price of new.That being said it is possible,all of my machines were purchased used and at half price or less in great condition. I drove 2600 kilometers round trip for the t.s. and edgebander. The shaper was 1200 round trip. For the money saved it was well worth it.

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