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Thread: effect of curved vs straight inlet into DC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Bender View Post
    I have designed a lot of industrial ductwork in a major foundry. Yours is a system I would be proud to call my own.
    Thanks! It was quite satisfying to have it come together and actually work after a lot of research and planning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Christensen View Post
    The original owners of Clear-Vie tested one of their cyclones all the way over to horizontal. It separated dust just as it would normally except for chunks of wood that just spun around the upper section. So 45 would work. There are companies that make horizontal cyclones that have a chamber at the end with an outlet at the bottom instead of the cone. Cyclones don't rely on gravity for separation, it's the swirling and the reversal of the air that does it. I wish I had one of those little dust deputies for a vacuum cleaner to play with. I'd see how far it could be laid over and still work.
    Can you document the clear-vie thing?
    The swirling might be responsible for the separation, but the stuff won't drop out without gravity.
    45 might work, but it is hard to believe it is as good as 90.
    But if CV tested it...

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    It was on a forum long ago (maybe Knots) and I can't remember which.

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    I was looking on the Oneida site and check out the photos of the dust collectors none of the 3 starts with a straight.

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