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Thread: Bar Build Winter Project

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    Bar Build Winter Project

    Hi everyone,

    The start of my winter project, building the basement bar. Framing is coming along, although admittedly my framing skills need a little work.


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    I did a similar project about a year and a half ago. We tore down a wall in the kitchen and had some left over cabinets so I built a base in a corner of the basement and mounted the cabinets to that. In-laws had some left over wide plank white oak flooring so I used that as the top. Came out nice. It's very useful to have a bar area in the basement. Sometimes you just can't be bothered to go upstairs for a beer or a whiskey

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    That's great! This is similar in that the studs are reclaimed from a kids play house the previous owners built in the back yard and I made the bar top from leftover unfinished oak flooring from my in-laws when they refinished their town home. And I couldn't agree more, just can't be bothered to go upstairs sometimes lol.

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    Framing is almost done, going to put 1 more support across the middle. I went and picked up a few 2x4s and replaced a few I was initially going to use for a better fit.

    Bar 2.jpg

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    Got the first coat of stain on the bar top. Before and after pics.


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