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Thread: Shout out to Reed Gray

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    Shout out to Reed Gray

    Reed I have been revisiting some of your videos of late and just wanted to say thanks you do a good job of explaining things and as well as demonstrating your techniques.

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    Thanks Ted. I am having too much fun. More videos coming this year. Lidded boxes first, NRSs, and probably one on just the inside of the bowl...

    robo hippy

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    Glad to hear you are enjoying sharing your considerable knowledge with the rest of us Reed!! Thanks!

    * It's better to be a lion for a day than a sheep for life - Sister Elizabeth Kenny *
    I think this equates nicely to wood turning as well . . . . .

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    Keep reminding us about safety . I jerked the tailstock back from a small hollow form and the drill chuck didn't come . The bit did stay inside the wood ,but i have a reminder in the ways of my new lathe .

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    I too am a fan of reed grey,,i have his sharpening platform and I love it,,not to mention how much I have learned from him,,especially when it comes to scrapers,,keep them videos coming reed,,

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    Reed, I'm a beginner so your videos are very much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to make the videos.

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    Ditto to all of this. And breathlessly awaiting lidded boxes!!! I'm a huge fan-boy of Mike Stafford, but I can branch out............
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