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Thread: Copper tabletop advice

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    Copper tabletop advice

    I have decided to make a 30-36" round or square bar-heigth table for 2, then cover it with copper and some kind of skirt or such made from copper.
    Anyone want to share your build?

    I ran into a lot of opinions suggesting that a table is not a good place to start, that it isn't a snap to do like one would think. One who knew absolutely nothing about this process until the last 3 or 4 days.

    Can copper be heated with a Map to anneal during forming.

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    are you wanting it slick or have a peened look, are you going to form the shirt or soft solder the shirt on over a rolled edge? you could hammer and punch a scene in it get the patina you want and clear it, lotsa choices, to bad copper it so pricy in case of a mistake. may be just use some tin or something else to get what you want first then use the copper. go for it

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