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Thread: 2007 Toyota Camry oil consumption question

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    2007 Toyota Camry oil consumption question

    I just bought a 2007 Toyota Camry for my daughter. I have read much about the oil consumption problem on the internet. Just curious if any one here has first hand knowledge of this and how bad of a problem it is. Thanks, ron

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    Sorry, no Toyota info here, but my last 3 Japanese cars, a Mazda, Honda & Nissan all had no measurable consumption. The Mazda did get to using about 1/4 of a liter every 8000kM when it got above about 250,000kM.

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    Do a Google search for: 2007 Toyota camry oil leak recall

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Schierer View Post
    Do a Google search for: 2007 Toyota camry oil leak recall

    Thanks Lee, I had already done that and am trying to get input from people who may have owned these cars. I am past the warranty extension. Trying to get an idea what typical oil consumption has been for people who didn't get the rebuild.

    Thanks, ron

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    If it is a recall, it is not subject to warranty expiration.
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    Thanks Lee, I will look into this further. On the road till tonight and then things settle down. Ron

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    i have a 07 Solara (2door camry) with 2.4. engine would be at add mark at 3000 miles. changed oil and everything was good. got a notice to take it to dealer for an oil consumption test. cr failed test an they replaced all 4 pistons, rings, and appropriate gaskets only to remove pistons. did not include bearings, pump, timing components, head, etc. car now has no oil consumption but it was not a full rebuild.

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    Toyota has a TSB for this repair T-SB-0030-15 if your engine is a 2.4L. Its not a recall but a repair procedure for replacement of piston rings etc. Toyota allows up to 1 quart of oil usage per 1200 miles before they call it excessive consumption. I recommend checking pcv system and carbon cleaning of piston rings procedure first.

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    Toyota issued a limited service recall for this. The root of the problem apparently was the oil ports on the piston ring were either too small or too few. Hence the repair consisted of replacing the pistons and rings.

    I was looking at a Scion Tc and researched the vehicle. Read quite a fair number of posts with claims of less than 1,000 per quart. That rate of consumption will obviously have negative effects on everything downstream of the head.
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    Hi Ron,
    I own a 07 Camry and I put about a quart every two weeks in it. I have owned it since 07 and it has always been like this. I even took it to the dealer once and they tested it and told me that it didnít burn enough to warrant the repair. It doesnít seem to bother anything as I have about 200,000 miles on it now and it is still going strong.

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    Thanks Everyone! I drove the car 200 miles on the Highway and the oil level didn't budge so I feel if it is burning oil, it is not burning oil like crazy. I will check it again after my daughter drives more miles. I did see a little blue smoke on cold start up, but my mechanic thinks that is likely valve guides and not the piston problem.

    If I knew that year had this problem I would have avoided buying it, it didn't read about it till after I bought it. Fingers crossed.

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