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Thread: Grandpa's woodshop jeur

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    Grandpa's woodshop jeur

    Lord give me the patience to explain and identify every tool in my shop to my three year old grandson...every day.

    He's at the "Whats that?" stage. I know, it'll pay off in the end when I get my little shop buddy.

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    Sounds like a good job! I hope you are giving demos ,too. Amazing how much they can quickly soak up and build on.

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    I understand Roger. I'm grateful to have had that experience myself with my grandkids. I love to patiently explain and demonstrate tools to them.

    It brings me back to when I was a kid.
    At age 4 or 5 I was allowed to play in my uncle's basement alone. Half of it was his woodshop. I was told " DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING" in the shop half. I'd stand there studying every tool and machine. I new my uncle built all the cabinets for his home and others in the family. When I asked what did what I was told"just don't touch". I think they were afraid if I knew what did what I'd be to tempted and get in trouble.

    Didn't stop me from begging my parents to let me buy a table saw. At age 8 I was allowed to have one if I promised to only run it when someone was home! No one ever showed me how to use it. Never saw someone use one. But I studied the heck out every Popular Mechanics magazine I ever got my hands on. Luckily I've never been hurt by the many table saws I've had in 60 years.
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    Roger, good on ya. This also guarantees that your tools will have a home when you pass.
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