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Thread: Add-on - The Board Gamers Table

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    Add-on - The Board Gamers Table

    I need to get over here to SMC more often! Still contributing to SMC but rarely visit anymore. LOL

    That being said, I just answered a question on an earlier post of mine(late 2018) and ran across my "The Board Gamer's Table" post on which I can provide an update. The table has an accessory rail so therefore it has accessories that fit the rail. My Son had storage problem with the "not in use" accessories so he wanted a storage rack. Here is the problem and solution.

    The problem:

    The Solution: I made a set of racks that has a similar slot in the bottom as the accessory rail of the table.

    The storage rack(shelf) is made out of similar reclaimed materials as the table. It has been stained with red Oak stain and is finished with 3 coats of poly. The first two coats were brush on but I must have some debris in my can of poly, had to sand out some dust particles and after seeing the same thing twice I used rattle can poly for the final coat, no more particles in the finish.

    Here are some detail pics.

    A prototype first. Details the wall mounting cleat arrangement and has a simulated cup-holder in the storage slot.

    Upside down in this pic but it is made in two ~40" sections. The unstained strips are the wall mounting cleats.

    Edit: The prototype was done to show my son how to mount the shelf plus it did help me with visualizing the details.

    Thanks for looking. Appreciate all C&C.
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    I hate clutter as well. The cup holders are an interesting design.

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