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Thread: II-VI focus lens for Trotec Rayjet 300

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    II-VI focus lens for Trotec Rayjet 300

    Hey guys,

    I currently own a Trotec Rayjet 300 laser machine and Iíve just got my focus lens damaged.

    I requested a price from the Trotec representative in my country and because it seemed to be so very expensive I decided to do some research. After founding out they use II-VI lenses I found a II-VI representative to request their price and have a comparison. The problem is, my original lens and the fisrt replacement I got, both from Trotec direclty came with the lens specifications scraped from its boxes and now they wonít give me this information.

    Iíve been struggling to find out which is the II-VI lens model I should use on my machine, and II-VI themselves are not being able to help me since they have so many different models available.

    I came up to the conclusion it should be a plano convex 19,05mm diameter, 38,2mm focus (1,5Ē) AR coated lens.

    If someone could confirm that to me or have the actual model of II-VI catalog I would be so grateful, I havenít been able to find it anywhere.

    Ricardo Krisanoski

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    My Trotec uses II-VI lenses. Mine is a 2.0" focal length.
    It is marked 19.05mm diameter and 50.8mm FL
    There is a handwritten number 85974, and a printed SN 115-625223-237
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    an easy way to check focal length, look thru the lens at some very small writing, and when it's in focus, check the distance from the words to the lens...
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    Thank you for this info Mike

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    Thank you Kev, the only info i am certain of is thata i need the 1,5Ē focal length, trying to put the pieces together and figure out all the other information!

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    I have discovered that the number 85974 is a trocet part number correspondent to the 2,0" FL lenses. I found out the 1,5" lens part number is 85973. Unfortunatelly I can't link this information with a II-VI lens model, but at least the information you provided me helped me confirm the lens diameter is for sure 19,05mm, but I still need to figure out the edge thicknes, type of coating and if it is plano-convex, which is my suspition.

    Thank you again for your help.

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    Here you go.
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    Thank you so very much Gary, this is all I needed!!

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