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Thread: Needing a small curved adze for bowl carving.

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    Needing a small curved adze for bowl carving.

    OK OK OK, I admit, I know little to nothing about carving, just starting out. My first projects are a wood bowl about 11" wide by 22" long and 4" deep, and three upcoming projects with dimensions of 12" x 30" x 4 to 5" deep. Using a very course graded cutter from HF for hollowing and carving, a really good tool. Will be trying out a loaned chain carver/cutter today.

    I am now thinking to purchase a small curved adze for hollowing and looking for recommendations. I did see a Narex adze for around $70? with some good reviews but the handle looks installed the wrong way. Comfort and ergonomics in hand tools are important.

    Yes, I am digging out my long-forgotten chisels and sharpening equipment . . . .

    So many new hobbies and so little time. . . . . . . . .

    Thank you.

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    I am not a bowl carver but another option might be a bent spoon gouge. Lots of size and bend options.

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    There's no better bowl carver out there today than Dave Fisher, and he has a video on YouTube called "Axes and Adzes for the bowl carver." In it, he covers the features and shapes he prefers for adzes. As you might guess he's using specialty or highly customized adzes, but you can get an idea of the features he considers important and apply to your purchase. Interestingly, he discourages the Pfeil (2x as expensive as the Narex) because of the inside grind. The Narex handle does look odd, but you could always replace that part if you found it didn't work for you.
    Mark Maleski

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    Hi Kreig

    I'm even less of an expert than you at carving. However, I did just get the Narex adze to give bowl carving a go. Ergonomically it feels perfectly fine in the hand. I think it will be perfect for a first, not knowing how much I'll use it beyond this initial bowl attempt. I could see how if someone had very small hands they may think it is a bit clunky.


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    Thank you all for your replies here. I did wander up to Lee Valley and I did purchase the Narex Adze. Ordering an adze on line and waiting weeks or more is time lost, time I do not have to spare. The best part of making my purchase was a discussion with one member of LV with lots of practical advice and most important; he gave me the time, date, location of a local carvers group and the meeting was the very same day at 6:30pm. So I wandered over and met a lot of fine individuals with plenty of stories and guidance and advice and more. A really great time.

    After the meeting and back home googled up a carving group in Marysville as recommended by the first group and there I found a small carving group in my town and their meeting was, yes, the next morning. So, within 24 hours I got my new adaze, and meet about 20 carvers, two different clubs and most of all a great time.

    The Narex adze had a pretty good edge and tried it out with no adjustments and it worked pretty good. Trying to touch up the edge I think I made it worse. A lot lot lot to learn here.

    Again, thanks for the help and advice!!!

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