This is a pretty piece of red maple burl. I've sold over a dozen of this style vase with the natural bark edge and rim that dips/undulates over the last year. Seems every one I make goes out the door at the gallery, and I'm a bit thin on stock right now. These pieces are from cut offs where a bowl blank has been taken off the log, and when large enough to make one of these small vases I utilize the leftover wood to do these. As far as the form goes, most of the time the shape of the rim is already dictated by the bark area left on the wood from the cut off, so adjusting the rim is pretty much not available, but it seems to work with every single one sold, so I'm going for it again!

The vase is 6.25" tall and 6" wide at the rim. I'm pretty much a fan of pedestal forms anyway, as the pedestal adds visual interest to many forms. It will go off to the gallery in the next few days.

DSC_0797red maple burl.JPG DSC_0795red maple burl.JPG