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Thread: Sandblasting lettering on Granite like a Tombstone ???

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    Sandblasting lettering on Granite like a Tombstone ???

    I am wondering if anyone has sandblasted lettering onto either polished Granite or other stone using a rubber mask on the stone.

    My question is limited to... will I make decent although slow progress w a true 5 hp comp, typical 100 lb pressure pot, and Black diamond abrasive?

    Like doing a very small simple Tombstone.

    I know all bout my limited CFM..

    I have done a few vehicle frames, BBQ pits, no problem...

    My question is about will my equip cut decently into polished Granite w some 3D affect more than Etching.

    I know Granite is harder than many other stones.

    Do I HAVE to move up to more expensive like AL Oxide or similar ?

    Or will the cheap available Black Beauty slag stuff work?

    I want to get like somewhat 3D, not just "Etched"

    Can I do it w the equipment I have listed if it is a hobby w more time than money .....not production ?

    Obviously, I wish I had a huge trailer comp driven high cfm and appropriate pot, but I don't.

    Thank you all, Marc
    I'm pretty new here, not as as experienced as most. Please don't hesitate to correct me

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    My blasting rig is remote from me and stored away.

    I can't just go and test this easily, so just trying to get some idea of if I'll be able to do it.

    Have watched Youtube videos, answer still not clear,

    Again... I do not expect to cut super deep, but hoping I can go as deep as like 1/16" w multiple slow passes for a simple basic few letter and date stone.

    I'm pretty new here, not as as experienced as most. Please don't hesitate to correct me

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    Honestly, I've never blasted stone, nor even seen it done, but I've blasted hundreds of signs & can't imagine it working as well as you like. . This would be akin to painting an entire car with an airbrush.
    They do make an extra heavy sandmask just for the stone industry..
    The problem with low CFM is your mask won't last. Every pass, it heats up, & soon loses adhesion. If you get closer, it'll cut faster & deeper, but if you lose concentration, you';ll burn a hole in it. But maybe, with the heavier mask, you'll be fine. You may be able to buy a part roll ... I don't know, but here in Canada, a 25" wide X 10yd roll of sandmask for wood is $200US.
    When I started out, I spent 1.5 hours blasting a 2sq' sign, with a 7.5hp compressor, & got an unsatisfactory job. Most of that time was waiting on the compressor to fill the tank. I soon found a commercial blaster who would let me do my own blasting with his equipment. 125 to175 CFM worked best on cedar, & HDU as well
    I blasted with Nepheline Syenite. No idea what works best on granite.
    That's as much insight as I can offer ....

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    A tombstone dealer showed me the mask he uses - seems like it was over 1/8" thick with a tough, shiny coating on the front side. Offered to sell me some from his big roll. Maybe find a friendly guy in your area and ask about compressor and such.

    I've never written on stone with sandblasting, just on glass with a silicon carbide grit made for cleaning spark plugs and masks made from double-sided tape and printer paper.

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    I ave done a lot of masks for it, Anchor brand cut with plotter, 1/8” thick, using a special “stencil filler” adhesive. I did not do the blasting, though, I used a guy that has a compressor with 2” nozzle and is about 10’ high. With your setup I would it to look about like laser engraving, which would be much easier.

    Sammamish, WA

    Epilog Legend 24TT 45W, had a sign business for 17 years, now just doing laser work on the side.

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    my sandblasting rig is a dewalt 3850 psi pressure washer with a sandblast attachment. works like a dredge. i have constant pressure, no cabinet or dust protection needed. here are a few things i have blasted with it.
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    Silicon carbide is the medium I would choose. It is more expensive than al oxide but cheaper in the long run with a lot less aggravation than al oxide.
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