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Thread: Rikon 10-324 Band Saw questions

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    Rikon 10-324 Band Saw questions

    I have been looking for a used band saw for a few weeks with out much luck. I was hoping to end up with a 14 inch with riser block fence and mobile base for around $600. Now I am thinking about upping my budget and buying new.

    Now my questions
    does the Rikon 10-324 go on sale very often? and for how much? It is $899 now at menards where I would like to buy it from since it is the only place I know of less than a hour away from me.
    How is the dust collection? I only have a shop vac with a dust deputy cyclone.
    This will be my first band saw I have a small more hand tool shop. So I think the saw will be for resawing and rip cuts mostly.
    The fence rails on the saw are short and only on the inside. Do you think that not having a fence that can be used on both sides of the blade will be a problem?
    To sum it up I am looking for encouragement to either keep looking for used or hold off for a sail and buy new.
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    I haven't seen for much cheaper than $899. Whether you keep looking is up to you. I have had no issues with the fence locking on 1 side of the blade, and I can't think of 1 that locks on both sides unless homemade.

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    Have you looked at CUWoodshop in Champaign? They may have a used bandsaw, you never know what is on consignment there

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    I have the 10-326, which allows you to use the fence on either side of the blade and I've never had a need to put it in front. Not a festure that I need.

    Have you thought about Acme Tools for the 324? Same price, no sales tax, delivery to your home included.

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    The 324 at is 855 delivered, no tax or shipping.
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    I've had a Rikon 10-324 and I use a Shopvac and Dust Deputy on it. The dust collection is not great - it is from a port at the base of the lower wheel enclosure, so no draw from the actual cutting area. Quite a bit of sawdust escapes.

    Otherwise, the saw is a good choice for the price. You can tension a 1/2" blade to 15,000 PSI on it, and properly adjusted, resawing up to 8" or so is entirely practical.

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