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Thread: computer wizards , snip tool question

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    today im thinking im at the North Pole.

    will send you a PM



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    I went into PM and see this but no PM? have seen this before but have issues with some things on this site, im logged on and cant even find my last post from a few minutes ago.

    Irony I used snip tool


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    Warren: Sorry about that. I forgot that, as of January of this year, only contributors can use the private message function.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warren Lake View Post
    is there an easy way to put snip tool into the right clic box? not sure of the proper name but what comes up when you right clic the mouse. Windows 7 box I have Snip Tool on the lower tool bar but in keeping with increased lazyness and older age be nice that it was in that box. I read a bit but the emphasis was not on an easy way.

    I pin the Snip tool to my task bar at the bottom of the screen which is pretty close ;-)
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    Hi Glenn

    thanks I did that instantly when one of the guys here told me that feature was in the computer, before that I was used to XP. I have this notion these boxes can do a few thousand things more than i know about.

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    A "snip" tool generally does multiple things: select area, crop and copy to the clipboard and/or save to a file, handy for those (unlike you and me) who don't keep Photoshop or the like up most of the time.

    For those who don't know, in Windows Alt-PrtScr captures the active window, PrtScr by itself gets the entire screen. Alt-PrtScr is usually more useful unless you are writing documentation on software that uses multiple windows.

    There are other Print Screen options, less used and often unknown. This might be helpful:


    Quote Originally Posted by Kev Williams View Post
    I've never even heard of a snip tool, and I work with photos all the time--?

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    john used to use print screen thing to get stuff for email. I think the snip I like better as you crop same time. There were a few other photo shop things i used that I miss but fine as well for now. XP let me save photos that were inserted in emails, this 7 box wont. Sure there are other settings though to change things.

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    I figured out today soon after my last post why a snip tool doesn't work well for me, at least with photos:
    Not much it can do with the 16 megapixel photos my customers send me!

    An entire 1920 monitor can only show 13% of a 16mpx photo!
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    I dont use snip tool for good stuff its for fast stuff and it makes low rez downsized photos ready to post fast and easy. I used photo shop for more important stuff and if I wanted better still sent stuff to a friend who adjusted for parrallax and made my own mickey mouse photos straight.

    Grant I posted my email and hoped you would come back, site took it down before you did. Thanks for whatever you were going to suggest.

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    thanks you can take it down now before the police arrive

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    Glenn did you get my email?

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    Hi was in the city today so missed this and thanks yeah did try it two ways figuring out the small riddle. At times best on my machines thanks saved it again and will try again and thanks w

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