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Thread: Bar soap

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    Bar soap

    What bar soap do you use?

    Have noticed a lot of premium brand bar soap available in stores. All costing around $4.00 a bar.
    I use Harry's brand razors and notice they are now into bar soap.

    What brand bar soap do you use?

    I like Kirk's natural bar soap, Dial and Safeguard.

    Does anyone make a larger size bar of soap? The bars keep getting smaller and smaller.
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    When I was working, I traveled a lot and took the soap (and shampoo) home from the hotel. I never bought any soap. When people would ask me how much I traveled I used to tell them, "Well, I don't buy any soap."

    I still travel some but not enough to keep me from buying soap - but I don't buy much.

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    Lever 2000 for many years now.

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    In the winter when my skin dries out and I get lots of itching, I use a coca butter soap from Dollar General, 2 for a buck last I checked. The rest of the year, Ivory. Been using it since I was a tyke at home. A few times a year, Like when I have been in poison ivy, etc, Fels Naptha. If I will be near a marsh or lots of insects, Packer's Pine Tar soap (Don't know how it works, and it only works slightly, to attract fewer bugs).

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    The only solid soap I buy is Stirling sheep tallow shaving soap, for washing up the person is use Dr. Bronner in citrus, eucalyptus and tea tree.

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    Dial for Men is in the soap tray of my shower. I recently moved to buying it online, not because it's necessarily more cost effective to buy it in bulk (shipping costs kind of kill any related savings) but because I've been having a hard time finding it in the stores that I usually shop at. I shave with a mug and brush and have been using Caswell-Massey soaps since my Navy days--Greenbriar for like the past 10 years. For the shop sink I like to keep a bar of Lava available next to a squeeze bottle of Natural Orange Pumice GoJo.

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    Ivory, bar and liquid. I have a mild allergy to perfumes, my nose clogs, throat itches, and get headaches.
    I do keep a bar of lava by the laundry room sink for extreme dirt, but I follow that up with Ivory.
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    Zest, Lava, Irish Spring
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    Body wash and a loofah. Try it - much quicker shower and the loofah really gets dirt and grime off.

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    Bar soap is Ivory. Hs been for most of my life. I get the ten packs of Ivory soap. For some reason they're larger bars????
    I don't use shaving cream, or gels. Hot water and razor only.
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    Lava and safeguard.

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    Irish Spring from Costco. Previously used Palmolive from 99 cent store, but the Irish lasts longer.

    PS: My wife read that chunks of Irish Spring put near storage in the garage keeps mice away because of the fragrance.

    I don't think so, I tried it and within a week they had eaten it.
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    I get the antibacterial soap from the super value store where we shop.

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    I use Ivory soap in the shower to wash with and while in there shave my face and head with it. Lubricates the razor well and if an area drys a touch before I get to it a quick rub with some water lubes it up again. The only downside to it is it leaves more soap scum on the shower than other bar soaps. My problem as I'm the one that does the cleaning. It comes in two sizes. The bigger bath size and a smaller hand size. SWMBO prefers liquid soap at the sink because it is neater. I take a bar with me when visiting or travelling and use a brush at the sink to conserve their water.

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    Irish Spring, I like their commercials.

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