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Thread: Does Having Live Mics in Your Home Bother You?

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    People shouldn't be so paranoid about new technology.

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    Voice command systems sound good except for the fact that google or amazon compile information that comes back as hints and suggestions for purchases and as the information of behind a lifetime of commercial massage and manipulation of the youngsters. I would like to nip it in the bud, let people go without until they decide what they want on a more needs based manner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pat Barry View Post
    People shouldn't be so paranoid about new technology.
    As someone who works every day with cutting edge information technology companies, I respectfully disagree. I think Americans should be deeply suspicious of the technologies and the companies who operate them. The pressure to monetize these technologies by using them to manipulate people is profound, and accentuated by consumers' expectation that services be free or close to free.

    I don't think the tech companies are (at least most of them) evil or deliberately malignant, but I know from evidence I've seen with my own eyes that they will use the data they collect in ways that are, whatever their intention, detrimental to individuals and society.
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