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    Dewalt tablesaw

    Hi I recently bought a dewalt tablesaw. So far the saw works fine. The question is about the table top. It has a coating on it. Anything I should know about the table top. I had an older saw with a cast iron top. Never had a concern with that top. Any advice would be welcome thanks

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    Cosmoline is common on cast iron. what is the new top made of?
    Bill D

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    Most jobsite saws have a coating applied to the aluminum to reduce friction. I've never had one, but I would be concerned about wearing it off. Maybe frequent application of past wax would help it last longer.

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    Itís a like a heavy coat of paint. I donít believe you would wax this top.

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    I had a Dewalt jobsite saw for a while. Didn't really have a problem with the coating wearing out, but I didn't have the saw all that long. One problem I did have was that it seemed that the coating wasn't applied very evenly, which resulted in the width of the miter slots not being uniform in width. It was very frustrating trying to adjust the slop out of a miter gauge bar as it slid along the slot.

    I don't think it would be a problem to wax it, although I doubt it's necessary. It's kind of Teflon-ish as is.
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