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Thread: Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

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    Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

    14 Jan 2019

    The great news is that I come off of oncall duty in about 7 hours. The next good news is that I've been working in the shop off and on this week, helping a buddy of mine build a new desk top for his home office. This is the same guy who I built an "L" shaped computer desk for years ago and the same guy that lost all he had in a local tornado a few years ago. The original base of the computer desk is what we are using as it survived the tornado. A few modifications and a new top and he'll have a new computer desk by the end of this week (I hope). This guy is also the same one that lost his mother in the same tornado when the door latches failed on the safe room in their home.

    That's it for me for this week, so what did YOU do this past week?

    Best of weeks to you all!
    Thanks & Happy Wood Chips,
    Dennis -
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    Worked alot all week, but then had some shop time Sat/Sun. Continued on my glue up for table. Also installed some power points around my work bench for my stationary tools.

    Plowed alot of snow, got about 8" this weekend

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    I like it when you come off on-call, Dennis....but I imagine so do you! LOL

    This past week has been relatively low-key. I completed the glue-up of my kitchen table project and am just waiting on a time to get it sanded through a wide belt so I can get on with the finishing. I'm also trying to complete a small client project where I was requested to remove the solid panels from two tall kitchen cabinet doors and replace them with glass. That's the easy part. The hard part has been using the finishing products that Sherwin Williams sold to the client for her to refinish her kitchen cabinets. It's all oil based and dries extremely slowly. That's mean 15 minutes or so of work daily. And for the color, they sold her a stain product rather than paint. It took two coats and was even more glacial with dry time. They also neglected to tell her that it had to be top coated for protection. I've handled that and am providing her with what she need to go back and "fix" what she's already done. I made money on the work, but "watching paint dry" isn't a lot of fun!

    This weekend I decided to kick my CNC thing up a notch and upgraded from VCarve Pro to Aspire so I could start learning the 3D modeling side of things. While using existing 3D models is easy, it gets expensive. The upgrade provides a huge library for things that can be used as-is and/or modified but also lets me roll my own. I'm really looking forward to this learning process because it absolutely appeals to my artistic side. This upgrade is my 2019 "New Years" gift to myself...the only downside is a lot more computer time for awhile, but it will still be fun!

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    Jim, learning is always good. Sometime frustrating, but it keeps you sharp.

    My fiancée left on Friday for a 13 week gig in North Carolina, so I didn't do a thing all weekend but eat, drink, and watch football... Not really.

    I pulled the wire for our basement addition I have been working on. Then decided that two rooms should have 20 amp circuits rather than the 15 I planned. So I had to redo them. That meant pulling out the 14 gauge and putting in 12. Now I get to figure out how the electricians ran the wires for the 4-way switched basement lights and convert it into 2 3-way circuits. (I better get other lights working first.)

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    This past week, I attended a meeting and joined a local woodworking club that I discovered existed a couple months ago. Also, I purchased my first 50" Bessey Rev K-body clamps.

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    Co-ordinated food for a SS dinner. Fixed the desserts for the same. Paid the property taxes (OUCH!!!) Repaired back door to kitchen at church. Went to a memorial service for long time friend, who died from cancer. Got out and picked up a ton of pine cones, which I burned today. Had Wake Forrest bunch over for lunch on Sunday. Fixed generator so it could run directly from gas cans. Baked a box of potatoes for senior luncheon last Thursday. Started on welder (Lincoln gas drive) project. Changed the oil in both van and wife's car. Went to urologist on Friday. Still have blood in urine, which means I'm passing another kidney stone. Nothing new about passing a kidney stone, as I'm the southwest Wake County distributor for kidney stones
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    Finished this set of drawers for the desk I made for my younger son and had a smoker full of chicken and ribs...04181664-4FE7-494E-9F59-9CCAFD77C67D.jpg
    I can sure make a mean pile of Saw Dust !!!

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    Decided that my lathe needs new bearings. Didn't notice it while turning bowls, but made a nasty squeal when turning between centers. I did get two mushrooms turned from a walnut branch before the noise got to me. I also picked up some old forgotten old and Chestnut from an old barn ( for free).

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    I have just completed a coffee table as a wedding present for a nephew. The build is here:

    The joinery challenge involved the rounded corners shaped from through dovetails, mitred at each side. Parts of the challenge was to have accurately cut and fitted dovetails in hard Jarrah (no compression) as the outside would be removed in the rounding process.

    The other challenge was the splayed and angled legs with mortice-and-tenon joinery.

    This was a blended build, with some power and a lot of hand tools. Fiddleback Jarrah on the top and ends, Jarrah below.

    The front, with the drawer ..

    The rear has a closed panel. At the start of the project I had planned to make the drawer run all the way through, and open from each side. On reflection, this created more problems than it was worth, and so the one side was closed in with the same panel used as a drawer front ...

    Inside there is an inscribed brass plate for remembrance ...

    Regards from Perth


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