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Thread: Drying a big white pine cookie

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    Drying a big white pine cookie

    Hi all,

    Took down a big white pine yesterday and saved a cookie from the stump (planning to have the rest milled too) - the cookie is ~26" across and ~4" thick.

    What's the best way to dry this thing out without having it check/split all over the place? I normally apply anchor seal to logs that I want to have milled, but this is a different situation since I won't be chopping the sealed ends off.

    It's been in the shop for 24 hours at this point and it's started to seep a little sap near the perimeter.

    Should I apply sanding sealer? Deal with the sap first or later? How?

    I do have a drum sander and think this would make a great table someday.
    Thank you in advance. Here are the pictures.
    Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 10.49.28 PM.jpgScreen Shot 2019-01-13 at 10.49.46 PM.jpg

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    If it is worth it to you, recommend you buy PEG and soak it in it... do a search on PEG especially on the woodweb site...
    Otherwise it will develop a split from the center to the edge as it dries...
    Good luck...

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    When I rough turn bowl blanks and want them to be ready to finish turn faster I submerge them in Denatured alcohol . I can"t remember how long but I think several days should do it . After they come out of DNA I wrap them in several layers of newspaper .
    Hope this helps.

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