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Thread: Work boot suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Becker View Post
    I use Sketchers Go Walk 4 shoes with "off the shelf custom" inserts to correct for posture, etc. (there's a machine in places like Bed, Bath & Beyond that helps determine which insert to use) Since I started working in my shop this way, I've had much less issue with body pain. I use the same inserts in my non-work footwear now, too, for consistency. Some folks will want or need actual custom inserts, but I'm lucky enough to be able to use the packaged versions successfully at much lower cost.

    I have never been able to wear "work boots" comfortably. The one exception has been Ariat Terrain paddock boots because they have an actually well designed instep. But even those are not as comfortable as what I describe in the first paragraph of my response.
    Funny- I walked across Italy in a pair of Sketchers, and then went to France the following year- same pair- walked a good way across France.

    For the OP: I am glad you posted this, because I'm also looking for some good work shoes/boots. I considered having a pair made, and was searching for custom-made work boots, and found that Timberland actually allows you to customize a limited number of their boots for less than half what a true custom-made boot would cost.

    I don't know what your price range is but it's around the price of RedWings at just over $200, which is much better than a true custom-made boot, which is more than double that. I have a wide foot, and I'm also really picky about boots ever since my cowboy days and I used to have my boots made by Olathe Boots.

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    I wore Wolverine Durashock and Carolina r boots in the shop, but grew up on Moccasin Wedge boots. I finally found Timberland Barstow Wedge Boots for a good price, and they are very comfortable.

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    I like my Chippewa work boots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Bender View Post
    I buy my footwear a bit oversized and add insoles to make a good fit and add padding. My arches are high and insoles that raise the arches are hard to find so there's that. (most raise the heel) And custom orthotics are expensive and tend to be hard plastic which lets your heel slip around.

    If you don't mind tying your boots then boots are fine. Since we switch to slippers in the house and I am in and out a lot and in the shop a lot, that doesn't work for me. Most of my footwear slips on and off. Just leave the laces tied very loose.

    I do this - BUT, I choose boots that have 'speed laces' at the top - no untying needed; they slip off & on. The 'speed' is a hook rather than a hole for the lace to go around instead of through.
    I bought Wolverine boots - Black Friday.

    After 10 years, I'm on my second pair (similar to Chainhand but don't recognize the name and not near them at the moment - waterproof, uninsulated, 6")

    I also have some less 'work boot-like' boots that I do the same thing with - Merrell and Columbia come to mind but have owned numerous brands with speed laces for easy on/off and comfort with extra store-bought insoles. We walked ~7-8 miles a day in Phila last Oct and the Merrell Moab 2 with extra insoles worked very well.

    Wish I had known the 1/2 size larger trick when I got my Red Wing boots as a teen! Still have them, but rarely need the steel toe anymore.


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