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Thread: ECE Jointer handle

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    ECE Jointer handle

    I have an ECE jointer plane, and generally find it performs very well. Maybe the blade gets pushed back up sometimes when I don't want it to, but probably true of all wedged irons.
    Lately I have noticed that the handle creates fatigue in my hand. It does not have the comfortable feel of my metal planes.
    Has anyone customized the handle on this plane? I'd probably have to make a new one since I'd want it wider. Have not attempted to shape a handle before, not sure quite how to go about it.

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    Some of the handles on my planes (and saws) have been reshaped to make them more comfortable in hand. Can yours be corrected with a rasp or sanding to suite your needs?

    If the handle on your plane is easy to remove, it will be easy to replace.

    There is a post about making a tote in the Neanderthal wisdom/FAQs:

    It is in the section: Making your own tools.

    It is for a metal plane, but it may have some useful information.

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