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Thread: Veritas Small Plow Plane - $225 shipped.

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    Veritas Small Plow Plane - $225 shipped.

    Veritas small plow plane, excellent condition hardly used, with imperial blade set. Will post pictures later, or email for pictures.

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    Geoff, it might help your sale to tell us how old this tool is. I ask because LV made a design change in February 2016 that lets the new plow planes cut beads. The older ones don't have this capability. If yours is several years old, have you sent it back to LV for the beading upgrade? (Here's what I'm talking about.)

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    Thanks a lot Fred, Iíll look into it.

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    My understanding of the difference between the new in the original design is the original skate on the plane was flat at the bottom. The new design has a bevel at the bottom of the blade.

    Post some images and it will be easy to see what you have.

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    Here are a couple of pictures, price reduced to $200.

    Click image for larger version. 

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