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Thread: Can anyone identify this wood species?

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    Can anyone identify this wood species?

    I was asked to refinish a (crappy) coffee table. After sanding one of the legs down this is what I got. Because the legs were held together with 1" dowels of the same wood that were brad nailed into what appears to be a fortsner bit hole. I'm thinking I should just rebuild the leg assembly with new stock. The legs splintered a lot during dissambly.


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    Let me guess, rubber wood. If so, what the closest readily found wood to replace it with?

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    Don't know about the top, but the legs could be a soft maple

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Reda View Post
    Don't know about the top, but the legs could be a soft maple
    That is what I think as well.
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    The legs are not glue up. They are solid and 2.5" in diameter. Is it possible its 12/4 maple stock. Each leg is 14.5" long. I was hoping for lodgepole pine since that's just a trip to home depot. Lol

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    It would help if we knew what country the table is in or better yet what country it was made in. The only common wood in Spain off the top of my head is cedar but that looks nothing like cedar. older furniture I would expect oak.
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    Based on the little ray fleck on the quartered part of the legs, I'd say some kind of maple. If you can easily mark it with a nail or screwdriver, then soft maple, and if not, then hard maple. It probably doesn't matter which you use to replace it, as long as long as it looks close to the other legs. There are a lot of maple species that get sold as soft maple, some will look very similar to hard, and some will look quite different.

    Looks like Rockler and some others sell 2 1/2 maple dowels, although they aren't cheap. It would be faster than turning one though. They do look pretty similar to your picture.

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    Looks like maple so that would be the Acer species. I call it common house maple

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    I brought it to woodworkers source today. Its almost definitely maple.


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