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Thread: Laser Head Alignment

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    Laser Head Alignment

    My New Hermes LS 100 machine is somehow reading the top left home position about 1/16 of an inch below where it should be. I can compensate when doing a plaque, but I need to correct this problem in order to do some name plates. Can anybody advise? The top left home position is not returning all the way to the top like normal.

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    Assuming the limit switch hasn't moved or otherwise changed position, and the black rulers haven't loosened up and moved--

    then do this:

    Engrave a line or box at say 1/2" down, then measure it for offset. If for example it's located at .565", then you need to raise the engraving up .065"--

    Turn off the machine, then turn on while holding the X button on the keypad.

    You'll get a menu, should say something like
    RE-ALIGN MACHINE--- etc...

    Using the arrow keys, scroll the cursor down to RE-ALIGN MACHINE and press the check-mark key.

    another menu comes up, the top should say
    RE-ALIGN X-Y - this is what you want, press the check-mark key

    There will be values for X and Y. Write them down.
    To change these you just slew the gantry with the arrow buttons. Since your X is okay you only need to move the Y.
    If for example your current Y value is .095, and you need it .065" less, you need to slew the Y axis until it reads .030".
    If you accidentally move the X, just move it back to its original value.
    When you're done, press and hold the check-mark key till the machine beeps.
    Then press the X button until all menus are cleared, and the machine will finish booting...

    Note, IF your current Y value is less than the distance you have to move to zero out, such as: the current value is .050" and you need to move .065", which is minus-zero territory, then you likely have a limit switch issue or the rulers have moved. The rulers are easy enough to move if need be, a pain to square up but not that bad If you do move the rulers just go thru the test engrave and re-alignment procedure again.

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    Thanks so much I will let you know how it goes

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