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Thread: Experience with Highpoint drawer slides?

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    Experience with Highpoint drawer slides?

    I see Woodcraft has Highpoint full extension soft close side mount drawer slides (DC3010SC) on sale. The ad claims they'll support 100 lbs. I don't have any experience with these type of slides. Looking to use some in the shop and home where that extra weight support would be better than what we've got now. I'm looking at the 16" slides for the shop and garage. At Woodcraft, they normally run about $17/pr on sale for less than $12/pr.

    I've only worked with the cheapo slides with plastic wheels like you get at the big box stores. If you've used these Highpoint slides how'd you like them? Are they easy to install? I've read that some brands of these type slides are difficult to install. Have you found they'd actually support 100 lbs?

    Appreciate any thoughts you guys have!


    PS I wanted to add a link to the slides on Woodcraft's site but for some reason I'm concerned that might not be kosher. If it is I'll add it.

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    I wasn’t able to find much on them but another ww site said they’re not a very smooth action. That could depend how well they were installed though. Home Depot sells the kv soft close for cheaper than I’ve seen them anywhere else.

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