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Thread: Best place to buy red oak square stair rails

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    Best place to buy red oak square stair rails

    Hello, I am looking for red oak square rails, probably 1 1/4 x36". My local big box stores do not have anything off the shelf (only outdoor fir) and I would prefer to see them or know that they are straight (I typically do not buy wood at the big box store). What is the best supplier for these simple long blocks/rails? I do not need dowels in it, I will screw top and bottom to top and bottom rail and one handrail on the top. Everything simple and easy. Thanks for your help

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    The fact that most won't accept any that are not straight makes them more expensive. From the number of times I've
    filled orders for them ,I think there might not be a dependable stock source. I think they look better a little smaller than
    what you are seeking. Some shops with moulders will routinely run some square stuff as a stock item. I would consider
    another wood,because I think they look better painted I'M SORRY! DONT KNOW WHY I FAILED TO UNDERSTAND "RAIL"
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    First, I think you mean balusters not rails. Try these people, not sure they deal with the public, but they may point you to a supplier if they don't.

    Ideal Stair Parts, Inc.
    225 West Main Street
    Little Falls, NY 13365

    You need a stair parts supply not a lumber supply to ensure straight material .
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    I have just started researching stairs railing since I will replacing mine soon. Currently have a post on solid or box newels on the design forum. has a good selection of red oak parts. They, like most sites, charge a fortune for other species.

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    You could consider this:
    It's just under $6 for 1-1/4" square 36" long for red oak. Taxes and shipping may apply.

    Or... go to good lumber yard. It's likely special order. Get a quote.

    Or.... go to cabinet shop. Get a quote.

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    Typically a lumber yard or Millwork supplier.

    look up LJ Smith and search for a local dealer.

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    Yes, I actually mean Balusters. They can be also 1". Do I need a shoe rail and filets or is there a work around? I cannot find anything on the web about economically build a straight railing (balcony type). Thanks fr all your input!!

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    Check these yards. I bet you will find what you want.

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