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Thread: Unbiased Video Review of the Harbor Freight 4x36 Disc and Belt Sander

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    Unbiased Video Review of the Harbor Freight 4x36 Disc and Belt Sander

    Hey Guys,

    Wish I would have done a little more research before I purchased this unit. We all know HF has some good quality items and I own my fair share of them.

    If you have been considering picking up a smaller belt sander, take a look. Maybe this video will help you decide if the machine is right for you.

    Keep in mind before setting up my small woodshop I had a large metal shop with Burr King Sanders and Apex 3phase disc sanders so I am very familiar with Commercial Grade equipment. This video is intended for the small hobby guys. We all know the majority of HF items are not for professional or commercial use

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    Sorry for the BROKEN LINK ABOVE

    This is working NOW

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    I have looked at this while shopping at Harbor Freight. I agree with the review.

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    Honestly, seeing the tittle "Horror Freight tools" was enough for me to figure "unbiased" was unlikely, so I did not bother to view the video...

    I do also have "Crapsman" tools that work for me, and some Horror Freight tools as well (some winners and some losers ). Have better stuff too...

    Just thought I would mention my initial feeling upon reading the offense intended.

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