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Thread: Router Bits.

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    Router Bits.

    Hello all. I have the opportunity to purchase a bunch of Freud router bits from a retired cabinet maker. They are for the most part 1/2" shank bits. I started to call around anticipating that I would have to sharpen these once purchased and the proshop that I talked to said they provide Kempston Bits to all thier cabinet makers. And a brand new Kempston bit is still cheaper than what this guy wants to sell me his Freud bits at $30 each. Any thoughts? I wonder how much I should offer him for all even though I likely don't need many of them. Does anybody have experience with Kempston bits? Thoughts and Comments?
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    Sounds like you are a home shop guy.

    If so, may make more sense to just buy what you need when you need it. Paying for a lot of bits that you may never need may not be the best use of your funds.

    If you can get a killer deal, that is one thing...but...does not sound like that is the case here.

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    Hmmmm,,, No!
    You should compare the bits in that picture to what is available on Amazon. I think you'll find that brand new from Amazon, in the sets, is a much cheaper alternative than $30.00 each. They also haven't been rolling around in a drawer.
    They're nice bits, but in sets, they work out to < $20.00 each for most of them in that picture.
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    Thirty bucks for a used router bit? That probably needs sharpening? That's been used to cut who knows what?


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    In my opinion based on the way those 1/2" shank bits are stored loose in a box, they aren't worth $30 each. The 1/4" bits are stored so that the cutting edges don' come in contact with each other. Typically Freud Ogee and edge profiling bits run $40-65 new from Router Bit World, so used bits should run $20-30 each if they are in good shape. If they need sharpened, they would be worth less than $20 each.
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    I wouldn’t pay more than $5 a shank if I was buying the whole lot. You’d be doing him a huge favor taking them all as one lot. Decent sharpening services here in the states charge between $4 & $10 or so each for sharpening and you’d be doing good to sell the surplus for $20 each fresh from a sharpener and still in the wax. Unless you enjoy the challenge of being a flipper, you’re probably better off just buying what you need new.
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    What kind of idiot throws loose router bits in a drawer like that?

    If that's any indication how he took care of them - or any of his other tools for that matter, I'd pass on anything he's trying to unload.
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    Carbide profiles are brittle and any nicks in the edges may telegraph on to your project.

    Also, the price is absurd. John L. above is right, 5 bucks a bit would be ok if the profiles are in good condition.

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