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Thread: Sources for 3-phase extension cords

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    Quote Originally Posted by William Hodge View Post
    The 30 amp generator cord might suit your needs.
    Nope. The ends on that cord are for 120/240V single phase. For 30A 3 phase, L15-30 is needed. Using the wrong designation ends can be extremely dangerous!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Lightstone View Post

    Thanks for the link. Being Tampa based, I'll definitely drop by there.

    I guess, my question was should I use NEMA 15 or NEMA 11 plugs/jacks. It looks like NEMA 15 is much more common, and I can get locking plugs for them. What do people usually use for 3-phase lets say 30 amp circuits for the plugs and outlets on their machines? Does code specify one vs the other?
    The NEMA 11 are not locking while NEMA L15 are. The locking type are more common & I think are easier to use & don't come unplugged easily. So for a 30A cord, you'd use L15-30. The 'L' denotes locking, a suffix 'P' indicates a male plug, a suffix 'R' means wall receptacle, and a suffix 'C' is a female cord connector.

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    Thanks, Jim. Very nice of you.
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