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Thread: Best practice wood

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    Pick some small projects for the shop (box to hold glue, wall shelf with housing dadoes for finishing supplies, small cabinet with dovetailed sides), use one of the woods noted above and finish to your taste (my saw till is painted pine, for walnut I'd use shellac, etc).

    You can keep things simple and still have useful items, and the act of finishing will let you see where surface defects telegraph through (even with paint).

    You'll also see that imperfect dovetails can still be perfectly adequate to hold something together.

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    Walk into a Lowes store, they have a few racks of "Project wood" Pine, Oak, Poplar.....might check out a few such for Poplar..
    front view.jpg
    The wood for this came from the Poplar bin at Lowes
    end view.jpg
    back view.jpg
    Just so my Stanley No. 45 would have a decent place to call home..
    two boxes.jpg
    As the USPS had almost destroyed the original Roxton Pond box.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I have some extra poplar.

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    Go to the bargain bin at home improvement stores - Menards has a great one.

    Other than that I think the best wood to practice on is free wood. Get your hands on all kinds of species because if you perfect dovetailing in poplar you will probably have some issues doing them in white oak or other tough wood.

    You can often get free wood from craigslist.

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