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Thread: Seriously Considering Getting Rid of my Table Saw

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew Seemann View Post
    It may work for you, but it would not work for me. I primarily use my table saw to rip medium size parts, like table legs, stretchers, drawer fronts, and also to make small pieces. I can't imagine trying to do that on a track saw. It sounds inaccurate at best and terrifying at worst. A bandsaw doesn't have the accuracy or finish I am looking for either.
    Hi, rip oversize on the band saw, then joint and plane to final dimension. Saw finish is irrelevant as the jointer/planer gets you to correct size, I almost never rip surfaced material.

    It's just a different manner of working............Rod.

    Crosscutting would be done with a mitre saw

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    Wow, tons of good advice here! I am more of a hand tool guy, but I do use machines for breaking down and dimensioning lumber. I don't know why, but I just have always felt very uncomfortable ripping with a table saw, so I alway use my bandsaw. I also use my bandsaw for most crosscuts, then square them up with a shooting board.

    Space and that fact that I don't use it much are my motivations for selling. Since I started considering it, I have really been paying attention to how much I use it. My last build was 2 maple end tables and I used the table saw exactly twice. To cut the legs and the top to final length. I could have done both of these with the band saw/shooting board method. I suspect that I used the table saw to save time.

    I have thrown a piece of MDF over the saw and am going to use it for the next few months as a work table and see how much/if I miss it.

    Thanks all for the advice!

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    Sounds like this will be a good experiment, and might work given your description of how you work now.
    Please do post your thoughts after some time like this.
    (most of these threads lack a conclusion)


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