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Thread: The death of my shop snoopervisor.

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    I think it would be better if they lived as long as we generally do, sorry for your loss.

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    We always have several pets. I doesn't make loosing one any easier. Deeply sorry for your loss.

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    Sorry for your loss Rod. Those who do not have pets, can never fully understand.

    Looks like he was a big part of your shop...
    Funny, I don't remember being absent minded...

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    Rod, I am deeply sorry to hear of your loss. I believe last time I was over there, you were telling Sir Ellington to leave the shop. He retreated to a corner but didn’t really take off.

    I have my own Snoop shop dog (beagle) that is in his last few years. I think I’ll have a hard time with that loss, so I feel your pain.

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