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Thread: Chinese laser controller ID? --my Triumph

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    Chinese laser controller ID? --my Triumph

    Guess I'll fire up the 'hardware' section again--

    Seems I lost the controller in my Triumph... A couple days ago I started getting 'communications error' after trying to upload some of these big wood engraving files I've been doing. I dumped the jobs from memory yesterday since I was wondering if the memory was full, and all was well. This morning I uploaded another large image file, no problem, but after it was done I wanted to edit the pic and run a second pass. Since then it won't take a job, any job. On the hope that I simply have a bad USB cable, I ordered some new cables from Amazon, which will be here tomorrow. Since both ends of the cable are USB males, and not a single other USB cable in this place is like that I needed at least one new cable just to troubleshoot. But I've since come to think the controller is bad, because:
    (A) -Once I try to upload a file, which doesn't, the machine won't slew correctly, it slews in like 10-step 'chunks' every 1/2 second. Unplugging the USB cable results in no slew at all until I reboot the machine...
    (B) it won't upload a stick file either-- the display says 'copying' but it doesn't. It either ends by beeping as if it's done, but there's no file loaded, or it says 'USB upload error'.

    SO-- Since if fails to upload from either side I'm pretty sure the controller is toast. Or at least it's memory is gone (sound's too familiar)

    Therefore, I either need to email Yolanda at Triumph and get a new one here-- which is all fine and dandy but it'll take a few days, if not weeks, OR, maybe find a closer one someplace...

    This is the controller:

    I have NO idea what brand it is, no name on it that I can find. Just wondering if anyone has an idea of who made the thing? I'd love to find one stateside...

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    What software came with it? If it is RDWorks, you most likely have a Ruida controller. If so, open RDWorks and you should see the word "model" along the top row of headers. Click on that and look for a model number with a check mark next to it. It kind of looks like an old Ruida 320 series but that is a wild guess.

    Have you looked for a sticker with a model number on the sides of the white box because I know some Ruida controllers have them there? If that doesn't help, what about unscrewing the controller and looking on the hidden side for a model number?

    When you shut down and then boot up your laser, watch the controller's screen to see if displays any sort of clue during the boot up process.

    Did you manually use the keypad on the the controller to delete all files from the controller's memory? If the memory is full, that might be causing your problem.
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    The software is PHcad/Lasersoft, which is a bit unique in that the vast majority of Eastern machines I'm familiar with use Lasercut or RDWorks. I haven't removed the controller yet, I'll be doing that once my fears are confirmed when my new USB cables don't work --

    There's no clues on the laser display. It even homes to the last top-left position, and all functions available on the machine's control pad work fine. That is, until I try to load a job, then it does the chunky slew thing. Before I removed all the jobs- manually at the laser- it would still engrave those jobs in memory just fine. The computer does see the laser and connects, and I can move the gantry around from the computer, and I get coordinates from the machine to the software--virtually everything works, other than it won't load jobs. Since it won't load via computer or flash drive, which is 2 different USB ports on the controller, I'm ruling out a bad USB input port.

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    Ok, so I've figured out it's a PuHan controller, goes with PHcad I presume--


    Found one on aliexpress for $213 plus $28 shipping, est delivery 19-39 days-- price is right but ouch on delivery--

    and found one on ebay, $348 or best offer, free shipping, delivery est. 2 to 7 days-- I don't care to pay 50% extra but then, time is money, and I simply can't have the machine down for 19-39 days...

    I have a quote request in to Triumph, maybe Yolanda can get me one quick and at a decent price; we'll see. If not, Ebay gets my order...

    FWIW, it's a 'package' deal, includes the keypad and all new cables...

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    This looks like the current version of the controller that company sells and which Triumph is installing on their lasers:

    Attachment 400667

    If I had to spend the big bucks to get a new controller, I would consider buying a controller that LightBurn supports now or is likely to support in the near future. I doubt that controller will be one of them.
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    A new controller means new software to use and learn-- but I truly have no problem with LaserSoft, and after 5 years I know exactly what it will and won't do. Like Trotec's 'Job Control', I'm sure LightBurn is a great way to run a laser. But for my style of work and the types of jobs I do, I really wouldn't benefit from either one

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    Kev, LightObject carries controllers in stock and support is in USA. Uses LaserCAD software that requires no dongle. It came on my new machine and I think he has a demo of the software you can try. Frankly I do everything in Corel and export via DXF or the Wizard so the software is not a big deal except to run the machine of course.
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    I use an older version of Lasersoft even though the newer(est) version(s) have all kinds of upgrades and 'helpers'... reason being, I spent the better portion of a whole year getting backlash settings and circle/arc cut powers and speeds perfected for all situations imaginable, and those settings won't work in the newer versions- probably because the newer versions have preset values much closer than my older version- but they're still off a ton, would take waaayyy too much time to revise the settings. Same would be true of Lightburn...

    I'm not much of an 'upgrade' person, only do it when necessary. Case in point, with the outside world helping kill off any online capabilities of winXP, I relented and changed my computers over to Win7. And my 'computer life' has been nothing but a nightmare ever since. I love the user-functionality of win7, but as a reliable OS, it's the absolute worst Windows I've ever dealt with.

    short version: fix what's broke, don't fix what ain't...

    Meanwhile, I just got notified of an order of 250 lasered cowbells, that requires all 80 watts of the Triumph, and it's a 'in our hands by Jan 31 or don't bother' order... oy

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    My good luck with ebay sellers continues--

    I ordered the controller last Wednesday afternoon, est ship time was Thursday to today/Tuesday -- it's on a UPS truck headed here, so I should be up and running in a few hours. I've been doing cowbells on the LS100 and it's been doing a great job- there's some 4 point text on them that's perfectly readable which I didn't expect with Cermark on mottled brass. It's a bit slower than the Triumph but not much. I need the Triumph for plastic cutting asap so all's well

    I may see if I can get the old controller fixed, it runs the laser just fine, it just won't input jobs, so it could be an easily fixed USB issue...

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    New controller has been in since Tuesday-

    the display in Chinese took a bit of hunting to find the 'language' setting (since the work 'language' is also in Chinese)

    Works great again- the new controller does run the machine a bit differently... for one, the reset procedure once the limit switches are hit is a bit different. Another nice 'upgrade' is rastering is quieter, not sure why but it seems the steppers are running smoother. Used to have some vibration noise at higher speeds, all that's gone Plus, there's a feature that's been in the software forever but has never worked before, which is: being able to move the laser head to exactly where I want it from the computer. About twice a week I've wished I could do that, now I can...

    I'm happy

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