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Thread: Question for Computer Wizards Outlook 2007 inbox email delete

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    Question for Computer Wizards Outlook 2007 inbox email delete

    Since the XP box decided to be unusable I moved up to the very modern windows 7 box. In that one a friend set up the email and I notice when I delete emails in the inbox instead of deleting them it leaves them there but puts a line through them. In the sent box if I delete they just delete. Dont get why and cant find a way to change that, DId the Google thing first and find nothing to do with the line through the email when you press delete. I just wont take the email out of the inbox. '

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    I suspect that you are using IMAP settings for your email account, not POP3. Using IMAP, when you "delete" an email, it will put a red line through it and leave it in your inbox. To change this, try the instructions in this article
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    Here is a link that seems to deal with the problem.
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    will give it try later today. Not my thing understanding all of it and it was set up for me.

    thanks on both
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