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Thread: Bushing for 5 mm drilling

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    Bushing for 5 mm drilling

    Having trouble finding a bushing for a 5 mm bit- or perhaps just not using the right keywords or just not sure what size bushing to get.

    I need to make a template for some repeated drilling that would place 5 mm holes around the corners of a square template, so I need only 4 bushings to place in the template. Can someone let me know what size would work without binding the bit and providing good accuracy? A source would be even better.

    As a side note the size could be slightly larger or imperial if it's easier. Up to 3/8 inch. I chose 5 mm simply because I have that bit already. I see some dowel drilling guides that have a bushing and bit, but they of course only have one bushong and I need the 4.

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    Lee Valley sells them. Here is a link:,180,40089 -Howard

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    Thank you Howard! I should have known to look there first.

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    Instead of a drill, why not use a plunge router with template bushing. Make a master for router that has oversized holes that you template bushing would fit into. Fasten on desired piece, and using plunge router drill holes.

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    McMaster has them too.

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    Have you considered an aux. table on drill press, with V shaped fence? Each corner of piece to be drilled would fit into fence the same way. Fifty cent solution to a $500 problem.

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