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Thread: Splicing fine wires for under cab LED lights

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    Splicing fine wires for under cab LED lights

    Installing under cabinet low voltage LED strip lights at my son's new house. Ideally they connect with supplied four pin micro connectors. However I need to connect the bell wire installed by the electrician to the supplied optional bare end stranded wires (24 gauge?). So far my options seem to be red crimp splice sleeves, very small wire nuts, solder and heat shrink, small screws and washers just screwed into the cabinet bottoms and some type of small terminal strip, which I cannot find. Leaning toward the red crimp sleeves. They will be located next to the strip lights under the cabinets so they won't be visible unless you tip your head and look under. Any other ideas?
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    I did this a couple years ago and used small wire nuts. So far so good.
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