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Thread: Spalling on sides of 1956 vintage foundations

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    Spalling on sides of 1956 vintage foundations

    Was there style of builiding in the 1950's where the sides of a foundation were exposed and had wire mesh embedded in them?

    In a neighborhood of 1956 vintage brick veneer homes, many of them are built so the sides of the concrete foundation is exposed. Spalling of the sides is exposing "chicken wire". Since this happens on many houses, I think the wire mesh is part of the original construction and not a repair. It looks like mortar was applied over the mesh instead of concrete.

    These pictures were taken on a day when there was a light rain. The ground slopes away from the foundation, but moisture seems to be wicking into sides of the foundation.
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    It's almost certain that moisture and repeated heating and cooling has caused this over time and there probably wasn't proper adhesion of the mortar to what's under it, either.. I'm not 100% convinced that it's the original foundation surface, however, especially looking at that second photo. Strange that they would have used that "big mesh" stuff rather than a smaller grid for this application, at least to my mind. I really do wonder if this was a "quick fix" for something that didn't work initially.

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