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Thread: LED lighting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Becker View Post
    My LED fixtures never flicker that I can see...
    I replaced my t10's with Sam's club LED's. Yes, it's like I'm under the sun in my garage/shop. I'll have to watch it some more but they seem to flicker together. Seems to go away as they are left on longer but very annoying. They do have a 5-year warranty. Maybe I should try another circuit?

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    LED flicker is a problem with some. It really depends on the driver. Is the flicker at 60Hz?

    Sam's Club fixtures were Honywell and look better than the Feits at Costco but seem to not work as well.

    Feit has a poor reputation for warranties BUT these particular lamps seem to be pretty reliable and Costco warranty solves any issue you will have with failures.

    One third of these Home Depot Commercial Electric failed in 1.5 years. One did still have 1/3 working.CE-Junk.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Space View Post
    I have some of the Costco LED fixtures. I just noticed that one partially failed. One of the tubes is dark for about the first 25 percent of its length.

    Just mentioning this as it surprised me. I was expecting that if I had a failure either one of the tubes would turn dark, or the whole fixture would quit working.

    Just a point of interest, not a complaint. Where that fixture is the light is still adequate...

    I have the Costco fixtures as well. 2 out of 20 were dead on arrival with this same failure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Goetzke View Post
    Anyone have an issue with these light fixtures flickering - especially notice it at startup.

    I have a PAR30 type lamp that will flicker sometimes, its mate doesn't.They were purchased a few years ago and fairly early in the affordable LED era.

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