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Thread: Leather glue?

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    Leather glue?

    What off the shelf glue would you recommend for attaching 10oz leather to wood vice jaws?
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    Hide Glue Bruce. No, I'm not kidding. Hot will tack up faster but the cold out of a bottle, preferably Old Brown Glue not titebond, will work too.
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    If you ever wanted to reverse it (i.e. change the leather), hide glue would make your life much easier, as it will release with water.

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    barge glue is the common one used with leather. If gluing to wood - you could prob get away with using tite bond too.

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    [youtube]wqF3i-X6IyM[/youtube]Have a look at this Krazy glue stuff on the Jimmy Diresta video
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    I think I used Aleene's Tacky Glue on one of mine.................
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    Contact cement for me. It's worked great in my vises.

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    I used regular old white pva glue to put my strop together. It's been holding for 2 years no issue.

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    Hot hide glue. Fast, easy, reversible.

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