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Thread: Tormek Japanese stone?

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    Tormek Japanese stone?

    I just received my new set of Japanese chisels. I have a t8, and am looking at whether a set of wet stones or the sj250 Japanese stone should be my next purchase. It seems from a quick review that a lot of users do rough grinding on the tormek then go to high grit stones. Anyone have the Japanese stone that might chime in with an opinion as to the suitability for a one-stop Tormek sharpening solution? Or as close to that as possible, like if you use the sj250, what’s your final steps?
    Mike Tagge

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    I know that Pete has two Tormeks, and one with the 8000 wheel. However, I do not recall if he sharpens Japanese blades on this.

    I consider a Tormek to be a grinder, and see no value in anything other than the coarsest grit. Then move to waterstones to sharpen. You will get a more consistent and better honing this way. In any event, while one can do so, Japanese blades are not traditionally hollow ground. They are honed on a flat face.

    Regards from Perth


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    No, please, don't sharpen a Japanese chisel on a Tormek. I love my Tormek, but as Derek said, Japanese chisels are not hollow ground. Use flat waterstones for those.

    Also, just to answer your question about the Tormek SJ-250 Japanese wheel; I hate mine. It is very soft and it is easy to catch an edge in it and take a nick out of the very over-priced wheel. It does give a very fine edge for knives, but I find it easier to use a waterstone to finish on than to change wheels.

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    I don't have Japanese anything, so I can't comment on that. But I do have the 6000 grit stone and love it. I have two as Derek suggests and one is set up for a 25 degree bevel on the coarse stone, and the 6000 grit is set up for 27 degrees. I go from one to the next in a matter of minutes and I'm planing or chiseling again. I don't even use the strop. I'm sure others like to move on to 12,000 grit or diamond paste, but the set up I use is so fast and lasts as long as any system I've used. I hate to sharpen, and this gets consistent shaving sharp irons and chisels every time fast. FWIW

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