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Thread: Nova 1624 motor

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    Nova 1624 motor

    I have a Nova 1624 that I have used very little and while turning a bowl a couple weeks ago the shaft twisted off. Teknatool support seems to be avoiding me. But Iím wondering if I can replace the shaft or do I need to replace the whole motor. If the latter is the case is there a cheaper motor that would fit this lathe? Replament motor is close to $500 so if thatís the case Iíll just save for the DVR upgrade. If anyone has gone through the upgrade and has a used motor for sale please let me know. Also what would cause a shaft to twist off?image.jpg

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    You will have to replace the motor but may not have to buy it from Teknatool. Some lathes use a special motor and some use standard motors. Look at the nameplate for these items:
    * rpm (probably 1750 +-)
    * Frame size (two or three numbers and possibly some letters)
    * HP
    If you can find a motor with the same frame size and about the same rpm, it will work. You probably want a motor with the same HP rating but this not critical to replacement. Frame size covers mounting bolt location, shaft size, shaft length etc.
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    Justin, where are you located? I have a spare Nova 1624 motor, but shipping costs might be too much.

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    Also, someone was recently selling a DVR motor for $350 in the classifieds. Not sure if they still have it.

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    If you have a place that rebuilds electric motors in your area it might be worth checking with them and seeing if it can be rebuilt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yathin Krishnappa View Post
    Justin, where are you located? I have a spare Nova 1624 motor, but shipping costs might be too much.
    Iím located in SE IA

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    I have the motor you need. Did an up grade several years ago. In good running order. Located in eastern Washington. You may have had excessive belt pressure . PM me for more info.

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    Looks like around $50 to ship from NY for a zip in SE IA (I just used a zip from Iowa city). I'm back home on the 1st, so I can only ship next week. If you're interested then please PM me and we can discuss.

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    Looks like I cannot reply to your PM because of recent changes to membership privileges. If you choose to become a contributor, I'll be happy to discount the price of the motor by whatever amount you pay to become a contributor...

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    You can message me on my cell at 712-870-1542. Itís much easier to get ahold of me. I find myself on here only on the weekends. Iím usually up at 2:30 leave for work around 3 and get home between 6+7 so I donít have free time except for the weekends

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