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Thread: Crimping spiral pipes?

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    Crimping spiral pipes?


    I finally got the pipes for my DC system and it turns out that spiral pipes were cheaper than the 26 gauge snap-lock equivalent. My question is now this:

    Can I crimp the end of the spiral pipes so that I can reverse the connections to the fittings and prevent clogging? I could then start from each tool and insert the pipe into the fitting and so on all the way to the collector.


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    I think you will find that reducing the pipe diameter enough to fit into a fitting that is sized to fit into the pipe is a stretch. So to speak. Practically speaking you would not gain much- clogging will not be an issue.

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    There are several fittings in my ductwork that have the crimp facing the "wrong way" & have never had any clogging issues.

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    I am having to crimp my spiral in a few places, the only place its a little tough is on the seam - you can actually make a little cut with some tin snips to help. Just using one of those $20 crimpers from home depot. I bought my pipe locally but fittings online and not everyone can agree on what 6" or 7" actually is.

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    Spiral is not normally crimped, but it can be done if necessary.

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    They make couplings, which slide on the ends of spiral pipe to join pieces together. Some of your fittings also require couplings.

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