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Thread: Image Masking Help

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    Image Masking Help

    Not sure exactly where to pose my query, seems best suited for this forum.

    Anyway, I'm V-Carving detailed images on HDF and trying to streamline process for these and gain some general knowledge. I'm a relative newbie...about a year under my belt with CNC.

    At first, I'd seal blank, carve on router, then paint recessed areas and clean up by sanding surface, then final finish. The cleanup is the bottleneck and is also limiting fine detail that just disappears in the sanding process. I just tried Oramask 813 on a sealed blank and it worked pretty well. I was actually surprised how crisp the lines were when removed. The only problem is on the finer close-spaced details. The 813 kinda pulls and ball up, loosing that crisp line. Closest line spacing is probably .040 or .050 with line width similar. I'd guess some of the carved details to be less than .020 deep.

    It occurred to me that a spray mask of some kind might work better, but I don't know the ropes well enough to make that judgement nor do I have a handle on specific products.

    Hopefully my explanation is clear. I'd appreciate the recommendations of those more experienced than me.

    Thanks, y'all!

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    I feel your pain. I know nothing about liquid masks, but one you're down to less than 1/16" you're masking, any mask would have to be terribly aggressive to stay put . & painting those tiny V's is damned near impossible.

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