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Thread: Is there a better respirator that takes a 3M filter?

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    Is there a better respirator that takes a 3M filter?

    I love my 3M mask, and it's easy to get filters for locally, but I hate the cheap elastic strap and cheap plastic fittings. The strap soon stretches out to a thin string, and/or one of the plastic tabs that holds it breaks. Everything else is just fine, but you can't just replace the strap- it is somehow fused to the mask- it doesn't just tie on or clip on.

    Who makes preferably a mask that takes the 3M filters, or if not that, who makes a mask in the $50 range that doesn't have a cheap strap? I'm not looking for a Trend Airshield here- just a dust mask that covers the mouth and nose and has dual filters, with interchangeable filters and options for types of filter. Filters have to be very readily available if they aren't 3M.

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    I have read good things about the RZ Mask. I don't have one yet, but it's on my wish list:

    Replacement filters run ~ $2.50 - $4.50, depending on what specs you want.

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