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Thread: Hardwood source in SW FL?

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    Hardwood source in SW FL?

    Maybe the wrong place to ask, but anybody know one? Mahogany, oak, cypress? I am in Collier county.

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    I have given up on trying to find small dealers as the pricing is usually twice that of larger dealers and they have all closed up in my area. I buy from Hood Distribution in Mobile, AL. The closest to you is in Orlando. They probably deliver your way. You will have to order at least $400 at a time, but that's not too hard these days..


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    I buy from Woodchip Lumber in Fort Lauderdale. They are great folks and work with me on shipping. I bought all the ash for my workbench there and it was beautiful stuff. I also bought the most amazing wide piece of teak and the price was so good I asked for a picture before committing to buy. He took the rough board and planed it and texted me a picture.

    I realize that FLL isn't southwest, but they shipped to me in the VI, so you're a stone's throw by comparison. They specialize in boatbuilding lumber, so mahogany and cypress should be in their regular stock.

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    Craftsmen Supply (813) 988-4677 Tampa
    Intercity Lumber (813) 626-5232 Tampa

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    Weiss Hardwoods in Largo. 727-535-4634., so Pinellas County.

    Ft Lauderdale would be equidistant or maybe closer, in fact.
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    Advantage Lumber is in Sarasota. They mainly sell hardwood decking but from my understanding carry hardwoods and live edge slabs too. The website has a good deal of info.

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